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Find a pet professional

Looking for an APDTNZ member trainer or pet professional?

In order to ensure you are receiving the best professional pet dog training, behaviour advice, and guidance we recommend that you select one of the full APDTNZ members listed in the APDTNZ Trainers Directory below. You find them listed geographically - North to South.

Another way is to look for pet professionals who are displaying the APDTNZ logo on their website, printed materials, or uniform. logoThe APDTNZ logo is your assurance that the pet professional using it has not only agreed to the ethical standards set by the APDTNZ (Code of Ethics) but will also be able to provide you with professional pet dog services, in your local area.

Please be aware that permission to use the logo is given to individual full members only, and not to businesses, organisations or clubs. If the APDTNZ logo is shown in association with a business or club, it does not necessarily mean that each individual within that organisation has agreed to abide by the "Code of Ethics" of the APDTNZ. You will need to confirm that you are working with a full member of the APDTNZ.

Please let us know if you see the APDTNZ logo displayed by a business or club so we can confirm the legitimacy of its use. If you have any concerns or complaints regarding the conduct of or the services you have received from an APDTNZ member contact us by email.

Choose your dog trainer wisely

Did you know that dog training is an unregulated industry? Unlike other skilled professions like medicine, law, or accountancy, there are no standards or rules for what a trainer should know before working with dogs. How you choose your trainer really matters for both you and your dog.

Ask these simple questions for the best possible results:

  1. Do you belong to the APDTNZ? Membership with the Association of Pet Dog Trainers New Zealand indicates a voluntary commitment to high standards of professional knowledge and business ethics.
  2. What training methods do you employ? Animal behaviour science has come a long way in the last decades. Skilled trainers can produce incredible results with humane, positive-reinforcement based training, leaving no excuse for outdated methods that use force, pain, and intimidation.
  3. What do you do for continuing education? Ongoing education is a hallmark of professionalism in any industry. Any trainer you consider hiring should regularly attend conferences and seminars based on the latest training science, including the annual APDTNZ conference.
  4. Can I watch a class? Sitting in on a class will give you a good sense of a trainer’s methodology. But don’t just watch the instructor. Are the students interacting with their dogs in a relaxed, upbeat way? Do the dogs seem happy and focused?

    If you hear scolding or yelling, or dogs looking stressed with their tails tucked and heads down, find another class. And if a trainer won’t let you watch, find a trainer who will.

APDTNZ Trainers Directory






Northland region

Rebecca Roper Kerikeri 027 448 6671 OK K9 Dog Training
Angelika Cawte Whangarei 021 268 5949 Happy Tails Dog Training
Ann Kenny Whangarei 027 612 2144 Blue Ash Dog Training
Colleen Fielding Ruawai 021 171 6036 Ballemore Dog Training

Auckland region

Susie Londer Auckland 021 364 393 Dogease
Cheryl Ritchie Auckland 027 224 1982 Forward Paws Dog Training
Laura Purkis North Shore 022 682 2752 Constructive Canines
Sacha Berger Auckland 021 061 8480 DOGlife NZ
Debbie Markwick Glenfield 021 113 1781 Pets in the City
Rhiannon Jill Taylor Auckland 021 113 4695 Complete Canine Care
Bridee Manning
Endorsed Trainer
Pokeno 022 303 5390 Dog Mechanics
Carolyn Bassett North Shore 027 627 8786 Sir Lancelock & Paws Perfect Dog Training
Lacey Knox Pokeno 027 431 9390 Complete Canine Care
Conny Dodssuweit Auckland 021 1584129 Dog Help
Abbie Douglas Waitakere 021 0266 7915

Waikato region

Sue Williams Waikato 021 100 2390 Noseworx
Joanne Small Hamilton 027 477 1047 Kool K9 Training Ltd
Darran Rowe Hamilton 027 458 5872 Kukura Dog Services
Alice Gasnier Te Awamutu 021 031 5559
Claire Mead Cambridge 027 210 1482 Click with Canines
Sherri Simpson Whitianga 027 677 6189

Bay of Plenty region

Bev Binney Taupo 027 488 1928 Best Friends Dog Training
Diane Lesley Parkes Tauranga 021 064 0462 Canine Collective
Joanne Williams Taupo 021 168 0379 The Bark Inn
Alicia Davis Taupo 021 313 526 Big Brown Paws Dog Day Care
Heather Parsons Tauranga 021 0247 2202

Taranaki region

Jo Moody Hawera 027 364 5238 Hawera Dog Training
Viv Pert Hawera 021 160 8851 Hawera Dog Training Association

Manawatu- Whanganui region

Margarette Marshall Wanganui 027 290 5013 K9 Kindergarten
Karen Shell Feilding 027 525 3891 Communicanine
Brian Berquist Raurimu/Owhango 027 441 4961 K9 Help

Wairarapa-Wellington region

Jan Voss Wellington 021 818 222 A.C.E Dog Training Ltd
Karen de Wit Upper Hutt 021 124 0174 Goodogz Training & Grooming Centre
Shelly Turner
Endorsed Trainer
Wellington 021 1264 4221
Debbie Noon Kapiti Coast 021 749 9242 Square Peg
Sarah Ellich Greytown 021 472 408 Dog Days
Cathi Napp Wellington 021 401 471 Unleashed Pawtential/Central Allbreeds
Rhea Hurley Porirua 021 413 431 Vet Smart
Lucy Anderson Wellington 027 212 1228 Behaviour Vet/Confident Canine
Francine Harrison Wellington 021 453813
Annie Thorne Johnsonville 04 977 7299 Your Whole Dog

Tasman region

Susan Walsh Motueka 027 360 6043 Dog Almighty
Catherine Watson Nelson 022 644 3312 Canine Know How
Lisa McQuinn Nelson 027 478 7405 Barkademy Limited

Canterbury region

Els Desart Lyttelton 021 062 4966 Kuri Dog Training
Dennis Nuberg Christchurch 027 293 9220 Happy Dog
Blair Anderson Wainoni 021 823 647 School of the Naked Dog
Holly Caird Christchurch 027 309 3944 West Melton Dog Training
Lisa Sturm Richmond 021 107 1159 Sit Happens
Yolanda Nuberg Christchurch 021 066 3286 Happy Dog Ltd
Deborah Chadoutaud Maslet Christchurch 020 4007 6862 Mind Pro Animal Behaviour
Lucy Sandford-Reed Christchurch 027 480 7953 Selwyn Dog Training Club

Otago region

Audrey Campbell Dunedin 027 319 5118
Leone Ward Queenstown Lakes 021 636 599 Dogs Zone
Catherine Wallace Oamaru 027 434 6104 Vet Behavioural Therapy
Helena Akesson Dunedin 021 0237 5611
Carlotta Taylor Dunedin Humanimals Vet Clinic
Philippa Collins Queenstown 027 741 2020 Queenstown Dog Agility Club
Sarah Ripley Dunedin 021 292 9764 Hot Dogs K9 Training
Leanne Weakes-Fallen Oamaru 027 857 7339 Havenwyck Cottage

Southland region

Joanne Miller Invercargill 027 418 3341 About K9s
Christina Rock Wyndham 027 511 8894